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Working with Graphics Design we were always comfortable to know that English fonts had such a huge platform. So many fonts, so many varieties to select and piece with designs.

On the other hand we felt really ill-fated to find so restricted options & diversities for Marathi & Hindi fonts. However, international market is a huge & competitive place but we wanted the same affluence & evolution of our mother tongue, so we commenced with our plans for the assignment. We decided to fashion a stand for these fonts that would also help add importance & esteem to our language/mother tongue. With all the research, survey and findings we instigated with the project.

After lot of hard and dedicated work we finally introduced Marathi & Hindi Calligraphy fonts.

Our motive behind making Marathi & Hindi Calligraphy fonts was to make sure that creative people around the globe have these fonts as an option to use whenever required and not to look for an alternative font. When you are using a product which has come for free its usually out dated or old fashioned. So lets become the part of this revolution and work with what is trending. Be a part of this revolution.

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