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I had a discussion about Hindi English font with my Designer friends and got involved in a very interesting topic today. We found that many designers are looking for English fonts that look like Hindi. Thankfully there are some fonts which are really satisfying the needs. But it’s finding the needle in a haystack as there are lots of miss leasing content and on the other hand every user’s search term is different. 

So to resolve the issue, I have gathered a list of search terms and tried to gather the best results for you all in one place. 

I found those are the main things we designers are looking for:

  • English Fonts, that look like Hindi
  • Hindi Fonts, look like English
  • Hindi Fonts, with English to Hindi typing method


English Fonts, that look like Hindi

In the ever-evolving landscape of design, the allure of fonts that mirror different scripts is undeniable. Designers often seek English fonts resembling Hindi, as these fonts seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. The result? Designs that exude the charm of Hindi while retaining the universal appeal of English. To simplify your quest, we’ve curated a selection of fonts that effortlessly embody this fusion, allowing your designs to tell a story that transcends linguistic barriers.

samarkan font

This font is Free for personal use, you should check author policy.

Samarkan Font Free Download

  • Hindi English font
  • Hindi English mix font free download
  • Hindi type English font free download
  • Hindi English font free download


Hindi English fonts Free Download

The design arena is rich with possibilities, including the captivating world of Hindi fonts resembling English. These fonts bring the beauty of Hindi characters to the Latin alphabet, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with audiences of diverse linguistic backgrounds. Imagine the potential – designs that communicate seamlessly in both Hindi and English, fostering a connection that speaks to the heart of multicultural audiences.

These fonts are good as:

  • English-like Hindi font
  • Hindi font English letters

Hindi Fonts, with English to Hindi typing method

The desire to weave multiple languages into our designs led us to explore the world of Hindi fonts equipped with English-to-Hindi typing capabilities. These innovative tools empower designers to type in English and witness their words transform into graceful Hindi characters. Such a bridge between languages not only enhances design fluidity but also ensures accessibility for diverse audiences.

These fonts are good as:

  • English to Hindi stylish font
  • English to Hindi font download
  • English to Hindi typing software free download
  • English to Hindi typing font download
  • English to Hindi font converter
  • English font to Hindi font converter
  • English to Hindi font converter download
  • English to Hindi font translation
  • Hindi English mix font
  • Hindi to English font converter
  • Hindi to English font download
  • Hindi to English Roman font converter
  • Hindi font to English converter


Hindi English Calligraphy Fonts Free Download 

Hindi English Calligraphy Fonts, you can type in English and you will get results in Hindi, that too calligraphy style. 

For those captivated by the artistry of calligraphy, our exploration extends to the enchanting world of Hindi-English calligraphy fonts. These fonts invite you to type in English and unveil results in Hindi, all presented in the captivating form of calligraphy. These fonts infuse elegance and beauty into your designs, transforming them into visual masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

In the realm of design, the synergy of languages enriches our creations and amplifies their impact. Whether you’re blending styles, bridging languages, or exploring calligraphic finesse, the art of typographic fusion is at your fingertips. It’s time to embrace the creative journey, experiment boldly, and discover the magic that happens when diverse languages unite in design.

hindi font free download

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