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Working with Marathi / Hindi Fonts was never so easy! With AMS Fonts, we have studied a lot and come up with ever best & easy keystroke to type in our mother tongue!

Phonetic keyboard for Marathi & Hindi fonts, just try it and you will be amazed that how simple it is

Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic keyboard works on concept of the language spoke and typed. However, we have added some more features to it.

Marathi typing is tried to make a bit stress-free. You will find the sounds of the initial of English letter resemble to the sound of the initial of Marathi letter, as much as possible.

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Introducing Super Keys

You will find special keys to some fonts in the form of kana, Matra, Velanti & Ukar. And all are different each time. So don’t be surprised every time, yes, but expect new to explore in each font type and especially in some special fonts in the list.

As in general fonts, we have only one key for specific letter. But IndiaFont is providing you with more Key for “Kana”, “Matra”, “Vilanti” & “Ukar” so you can customize your type easily. Just while typing, you can create awesome typography! These letters are different as per the fonts. For Example, in the font AMS Premankur, we have “Matra & Ukar” (Both, First and Second).

Super keys are just simple as any other key, all you need to select the font and try changing one with simple key and other one with Super Key. You will be amazed that only typing can now meet your expectation of typography in our language. (Version 1 keyboard)

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