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Designers Handbook


Professional Handbook For – 70 Pages PDF
Beginner Graphic Designer 


This Handbook is specially created for those who are looking for some really good information in easy language, in native language too. This Handbook is all about basic Graphics design in simple language. This Handbook is also available in Hindi Marathi as well as in the English language.

Available in Hindi English too. (Both Included)
Detailed Information on Graphics Design
Described Principle of Graphics Design in Details.
Simple and Easy language to understand.


  1. Graphics Design
  2. Pro & Cons
  3. Visual Elements
  4. All About Color
  5. Typography
  6. Font Selection
  7. Images
  8. Graphics Design Principles
  9. Do and Don’ts
  10. Practical Skills For Graphics Designers
  11. Design Job Process
  12. Key Points For Graphics Designers


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